Customer's Voice

Customer's Voice


Tokyo Metropolitan 5 sorida Yamamoto-like 30-something male
Greetings and smile I liked very much.
Work properly and is very good. How to answer calls answer in polite is good. Thank you very much.

Kanagawa Prefecture Kawasaki City, 40s male
Advisable and very good friend, asked. It is great.
Ride in consultation rates, also moved to say asked, willing and helpful really us.
Staff polite and thank you very much. We will also ask.

20 women, Tokorozawa-Shi, Saitama Prefecture
We have this request, such as the presence of female staff to graciously thank, with confidence, to leave. Thank you for kindly thank you very much.

Chiba Prefecture, Chiba City 50s men
Call for quote on multiple suppliers because of office relocation, Office furniture and fixtures, and would ask a waste collection to the best nine, was the most reasonable.
Was PC-related waste is here is that the purchase of target, we have bought multiple items.
Funds to buy thanks to office relocation necessary. Thank you very much.

Tochigi prefectural Sano city, 40s male
Was going to throw away everything so be moved home over the years, such as washing machines and refrigerators, and large furniture was old, but cannot be disposed of quite alone, was in trouble.
Know the best nine award at when I was looking on the Internet and contacted.
In a very quick response was very helpful. In this great 引t越semasu into a new home.