Moving services



Moving services best nine early-care and peace of mind!

Best nine, single and family as well as the Corporation moves is also available.
In a quick response, we accept.
As well as moving, they also engages in a a great satisfaction.
Of course it is possible to purchase and free servicing.
Assist with the packing is available.
When the Dan ball as well as consult will be delivered free of charge, so please feel free to consult.



Also because we are cleaning the House with consult.

If the insurance(Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance)Also I think we worry would be greatly appreciated.

Price list

All * list price is tax.
About the moving charges, and the full quote.
Quote request, please tell us.

Original bidders, please forward pricing cheaper, but just in case, higher than other companies. At best, will be pushing the limits.
* When I see quotes from other companies, such as us.
Please help us.



Consumer electronics and musical instruments


When estimated separately, Darty amount more expensive if the recommended unlimited plan. Loading please refer to unlimited plans.